X-Ray Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft PE

The X-Ray Mod adds a complex but easy to use x-ray system to the game. Basically it will let you detect specific types of ores by looking straight through the blocks in front of you and only see the ones which you pick in the x-ray options, e.g. diamond ores.

How does it work?

After you’ve installed the mod and entered a world a new button will appear in the bottom-right of the screen. If you are on a tablet it might not be fully visible, but you should still be able to tap on it.

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft PE

Select XRay and the type of blocks you want to detect. In this example we chose to detect diamond ores.

Exit the menu and go to your Minecraft options and toggle Fancy Graphics on if it isn’t already on.

Now you will be able to see through blocks and detect diamond ores, underground tunnels and much more.

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft PE

X-Ray Mod for Minecraft PE Download link:

BiGGEST -XRAY- Mod by MyNameIsTriXz.js – 401 KB

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