World Downloader Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2


About World Downloader Mod :

With World Downloader Mod you can download parts of a multiplayer world while you are connected to the server.


World Downloader Mod

World Downloader Mod

How to install World Downloader Mod for Minecraft:

For 1.7.x and later (Replace 1.x.x with 1.7.x, etc in these instructions):

Note: If you have a recommendation for simplifying these, Don’t just say MAKE IT FORGE COMPATIBLE. Forge does not have the hooks for directly capturing network and screen events.

  • Close the launcher.
  • Copy the .minecraft/versions/1.x.x folder to .minecraft/versions/1.x.x.wdl
  • Go into folder 1.x.x.wdl
  • Rename 1.x.x.jar to 1.x.x.wdl.jar
  • Rename 1.x.x.json to 1.x.x.wdl.json
  • Edit 1.x.x.wdl.json and replace text “1.x.x” with “1.x.x.wdl”
  • Open 1.x.x.wdl.jar, delete META-INF and copy in the class files from the World Downloader zipfile.
  • Restart the launcher, “edit profile” (or make a new profile) and “use version” 1.x.x.wdl.

Important usage notes:

  • You need to open chests while downloading or their contents cannot be saved.
  • The mod can only save chunks which are sent by the server as you move around. If you see the chunk while downloading, then it’s saved! If you don’t move, it will likely only save 10 chunks (160 blocks) in each direction.
  • The seed is not saved automatically. You must be op to request the seed with the /seed command. World Downloader will pull the seed automatically from the server response.
  • When you click “stop download”, wait until the world is saved to disconnect. You will be notified in chat.
  • Some entities such as Fireworks will freeze the client if used while downloading. Known bug.

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World Downloader Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2
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