Wolfhound Heavenly Resource Pack

Ever have an urge to frolic through sun-drenched fields? Do you find mining in caves crushes your soul with the dark and the dank dreariness of being underground? Do you dream of white beaches and roses in the spring? The Heavenly variant of the the Wolfhound Packmay be what you need then! Filled with white stone, light colors, and the tiny details Wolfhound is known for, you’ll be able to turn your world into a heavenly paradise. Please note this texture pack will not get rid of the creepers for you though. You’ll still have to do that on your own.

How to install Wolfhound Heavenly Resource Pack:

  • Put pack in Ressource pack folder
  • Get Optifine for 1.10 (or newer) and Sildurs shaders (or other shaders with cel shading)
  • Navigate to shader settings after launching Minecraft with Optifine and your shader, and activate Celshading
  • Ignore the 1.11 warning ^^ (Optifine is not 1.11 ready yet)
  • Play on a flat world and experiment with the blocks! 🙂

This pack is currently in beta and suggestions like “this ….. would be a good addition” are very much welcomed!

Wolfhound Heavenly Resource Pack Download link:

Wolfhound Heavenly.zip – 31.3 MB

Wolfhound Heavenly Resource Pack
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