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WHITE Architecture Resource Pack is a VERY simple and modern Ressource pack that inspired by the Lego Architecture Studio, a lego set with white and transparent pieces only.

The main idea is to make nearly all of the textures just white, but add additional 3d models into the game. By using a shader with cel shading, it almost looks like an architectural drawing. This made this pack pretty unique in my opinion, also because of some unusual “special features.” For example, a wide variety of colored blocks as well as individual 3d models. As an example, things like book stacks or table legs, vertical slabs or roller blinds are included in this pack.
For more information, look at the picture subtitles.

How to install WHITE Architecture Resource Pack:

  • Put pack in Ressource pack folder
  • Get Optifine for 1.10 (or newer) and Sildurs shaders (or other shaders with cel shading)
  • Navigate to shader settings after launching Minecraft with Optifine and your shader, and activate Celshading
  • Ignore the 1.11 warning ^^ (Optifine is not 1.11 ready yet)
  • Play on a flat world and experiment with the blocks! 🙂

This pack is currently in beta and suggestions like “this ….. would be a good addition” are very much welcomed!

WHITE Architecture Resource Pack Download link:

White-Architecture-1.11.zip – 1.7 MB

WHITE Architecture Resource Pack
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