WaterDungeonPE for MPCE Mods

Rendering new mobs in Minecraft PE isn’t something easy but with the use of MyNameIsAnti’s latest tool, Techne, BagasMC has successfully ported the Guardian PC mob to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

It’s an underwater mob which can currently only be spawned using the Guardian spawn egg obtained through the creative mode inventory. The mob itself will not attack you but it does have some special effects when being attacked.

Item ID

  • Spawn Guardian (505)
  • Spawn Elder Guardian (506)

WaterDungeonPE for MPCE Mods

Hitting the guardian mob will cause it to release a thick black ink and it will then hurrily swim away.

WaterDungeonPE for MPCE Mods

WaterDungeonPE Download Links:

Guardian Mod: Guardian Mod.js – 339 KB

Guardian Texture Pack: Guardian Mod Texture-Pack.zip – 48 KB

WaterDungeonPE for MPCE Mods
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