Ultimate TDM Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Ultimate TDM Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

TheDiamondMinecart is a very popular YouTuber who does mod showcases, minigames and more, mostly for Minecraft on PC. Usually he involves Dr Trayaurus in his videos which is unsurprisingly a doctor who helps DanTDM test out different things in a funny way.

This mod is created by a true fan. Basically you will be able to get different items related to DanTDM and use them in ways DanTDM likely would have himself.

Ultimate TDM Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

TDM Items

The Power of Dan: Spawn a minecart bomb.

The Power of Grim: Spawns a wolf and five bones which you can use to tame it.

The Power of Trayaurus: Heal up to full health.

Ultimate Minecart: Place minecarts.

Team TDM Sword: Kill mobs instantly.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • The Power of Dan (427) – 8 redstones + 1 diamond
  • The Power of Grim (428) – 8 redstones + 1 bone
  • The Power of Trayuraus (429) – 8 redstones + 1 glowstune dust
  • Ultimate Minecart (430) – 3 diamonds + 2 redstones + 1 minecart + 3 flint & steel
  • Team TDM Crystal (431) – 1 diamond + 2 diamond blocks + 1 glowstone dust + 1 bone + 1 stick
  • Team TDM Sword (432) – 1 Team TDM Crystal + 1 stick

Ultimate TDM Mod for Minecraft PE Download Link:

Ultimate TDM.js – 2 KB

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