Time Machine Mod for Minecarft 1.9


Travel to the future in Minecraft with this working time machine. Time Machine mod adds a working Time Machine created by Professor Herobrine that lets you travel into the future in Minecraft.


Steps 1: New Mobs and Constructing the Time Machine (Your Time Period)


Color Code: 

Mob Name                             HP                             Characteristics


Sloth                                        10                              Moves like a Sloth


Professor Herobine              10                              He wanted to predict the end


Time Guard                            20                              Mini Boss who spawns from the Time Machine



Blocks and Items:

/tp Professor Herobine @p: Right click on the ground to spawn professor Herobine

Sloth Cloak: Will be used later

Herobine’s Unfinished Time Part: Core to craft the Time Activator

Brutal Dimension Block: Exclusive to 1.7.10 Users. Used to craft the Time Machine.

Time Machine: Strikes lightning on placement. Right click to spawn the actual time machine. Also spawns the Time Guard Mini-boss

Time Machine: Item version for server users. Right click in the air to spawn the structure.

Year 2030 Activator: Right click the bedrock portal to activate the portal to travel through time.

Step 2: Year 2030 Mobs Weapons and More!



Annoying Zombie                 20                              Evolved Zombie with a huge speed boost


Skeletron Zombie                 20                              Spawns Unlimited amount Skeletons


Robot Creeper                       20                             Spawns tnt below its feet


Rogue Spider                         16                             Spawns Webs around him


Creeper Slime                        20+armor               Small Slime that deals a ton of damage if found


Mouse                                     20                             So tiny and hard to spot



Not important        Once crafted you can right click it to spawn Herobine

Herobine 2030                      100+armor              Super powerful and also spawns are evolved mobs



Blocks and Items:

Zombie Tear: Used for crafting

Skeletron Core: Used for crafting

Spider Core: Used for Crafting

Cheese: Delicious Food you can eat. Also used for crafting.

Magical Crystal Key: The key that is used to craft the 2037 activator.

Zombie Sword: Does 11 Damage

Skeletron Bow (1.7.10): Shoots explosive arrows

Web Sword: Click the ground or the air to spawn webs

Pokeball: Used to spawn Herobine

Year 2037 Activator: Activates the time line for the year 2037.

Step 3: Year 2037 The Year the Moon Falls to the Earth

Note: In the single player version the primary block is destroyed dirt. In the MP version it is replaced by dirt along with trees spawning.



Evolved Zombie Pigman      20                              Gains a huge speed boost

Blocks and Items:

Destroyed Dirt: Exclusive for this timeline block. In the multiplayer version this is replaced by normal dirt.

Pink Ruby: Used for crafting a new set of armor along with the year 205,582 activator.

Pink Ruby Set: Very strong set or armor that is way better than diamond.

Year 205,582 Activator: Activates the timeline 205,582

Tear 205,582 Activator: Exclusive name for the MP version.

Step 4: The Second Ice Age

Note: Crystal Ore is replaced by emeralds block in the MP version!



Evolved Sloth Boss 205,582 100                            Launches the player in the air


All hostile mobs spawn in this timeline that originated from your timeline. This also includes modded mobs that can spawn from other mods.


Blocks and Items:

Key Ore: Drops Crystal Keys

Crystal Key Block: Cool color block. Also used for crafting.

Evolved Sloth Boss Spawn Egg: Spawns the Evolved Sloth Boss: (Crafting differs wether or not your using SP or MP)

Mod Showcase:


Minecraft Forge

Time Machine Mod Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10: Time-Machine-Mod-1.7.10.jar – 31.6 MB

For Minecraft 1.9.0: Time-Machine-Mod-1.9.0.jar – 12.0 MB

Time Machine Mod for Minecarft 1.9
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