The Thousand Year Door Map for Minecarft Maps

The Thousand Year Door Map

The Thousand Year Door is a puzzle/parkour adventure map with a story.

You find an ancient treasure map upon arriving in a small town called Rougeport, you follow the map leading into four different worlds in each door, searching for a jewel in each world.

Each world has a boss that is guarding one of the jewels.

Once all four jewels have been collected you can unlock The Thousand Year Door and fight the final boss who has the treasure trapped inside with him.

To talk to mobs you need to walk within 1 block of where they’re standing.


  • Single and multiplayer supported.
  • A storyline.
  • Epic boss fights.
  • 1-4 hours of gameplay.
  • Puzzles and parkour.
  • No resourcepack required.
  • A hub.


The Thousand Year Door Map Download Link: – 4.9 MB

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