The Exit 2 Map for MPCE Maps

The Exit 2 is a follow up of the previous The Exit map which caught a lot people’s interest. The objective in this map is to get past 10 different levels. In each level you will in some way find yourself trapped. Most of the solutions are in some way connected to redstone, and as a result 0.13+ of Minecraft Pocket Edition is required to be able to play.


  • Don’t break any blocks
  • Play on peaceful

How to install The Exit 2 Map for MPCE:

  • 1. Download the map of your choice in Internet Browser on Android.
  • 2. Go to MyFiles or Astro from Android Market: ASTRO File Manager
  • 3. Then go to in the app /mnt/sdcard/downloads.
  • 4. Extract the map if you have to and place it in /mnt/sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

The Exit 2 Map for MPCE Download Link: – 218 KB

The Exit 2 Map for MPCE Maps
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