Minecraft 1.8.8 Maps

Sky Element Map

2016-09-09 // 0 Comments

Sky Element is a survival map that has many islands (over 80) floating, in the sky. This map has many awesome features such [...]

Simple Map

2016-01-12 // 0 Comments

Try to best these 9 puzzles to put yourself to the Ultimate Test. Features: Logic Puzzles. A Maze. Fireworks. Resetting [...]

Frosty Runner Map

2015-12-28 // 0 Comments

Frosty is on the run. Guide him through over 50 different obstacles to keep him from dying. Use the [A] and [D] arrow keys [...]

Aspect Parkour Map

2015-12-25 // 0 Comments

Aspect Parkour is a map with all the different aspects of parkour in the following order: Regular Parkour Ladder Parkour Ice [...]

Snowfall Map

2015-12-21 // 0 Comments

Dodge enemy bullets and hit enemies with your snowballs. Control your character by moving left and right. Shoot by right [...]

HERO of Glade Map

2015-12-19 // 0 Comments

Features: Jump & Run Action Brain like PVP (PVE) Bow skills Screenshots: How to install HERO of Glade Map: Download the [...]

Avalanche Map

2015-12-19 // 0 Comments

Race to escape the massive avalanche by completing the parkour course. Will you make it or be buried in the piling snow? [...]

Lawn Care Map

2015-12-13 // 0 Comments

Lawn Care is a minecraft custom map where your job is to shovel away the snow that kills your lawn before it all dies. The [...]

The Prison Map

2015-12-12 // 0 Comments

Story: You wake up in an abandoned prison. You’re alone and you don’t feel well. After you’ve realized where you are, [...]
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