Survivalist Mod for Minecarft 1.11.2/1.9


With Survivalist Mod for Minecarft 1.11.2 Mods, you will spice up the early game without making it tedious. In this mod, the players will be provided with a lot of items like sticks, rocks and ore rocks. Besides, some other items will be added namely tools, armor, torches and drying rack. Let’s try!


Everything listed below can be turned off on the config file:

  • Sticks are no longer directly craftable from planks.
    • Get them from leaves and saplings.
    • Break planks into sticks in the Chopping Block.
  • Rocks and Ore Rocks
    • Mining stone drops rocks (4) instead of cobble. In order to craft cobblestone, you’ll need clay.
      • Andesite, Diorite and Granite drop rocks, too.
      • Any 4 will turn into gravel, which can be crafted again into 4 generic rocks. All the cobblestone!
      • The corresponding blocks are crafted by surrounding a ball of clay with 8 rocks.
    • Mining iron/gold now drops ore rocks (2..4), which smelt for one nugget each.
    • Mod Ore Rocks and their corresponding nuggets
      • Metals supported: Copper, Tin, Lead, Silver
      • Same rules as the gold and iron rocks
  • Tools and armor drop one of their crafting components.
    • Enchant tools with Scraping I/II/III to increase the chances it’s the GOOD item.
    • Enchant armor with Scraping I/II/III to increase the chances it’s two instead.
  • Craftable chainmail!
    • Iron nuggets in a diamond shape make chainmail pieces
    • Chainmail pieces are then materials for crafting the armor.
  • Torches can set things on fire!
    • But they have a rather high chance of breaking in the process.
  • Drying rack
    • Turn meat into jerky: not too nutritive, but highly saturating.
    • Turn leather (which really, should be called hide), into tanned leather, for improved armour.
  • Chopping block
    • Crafted from Logs
    • Click repeatedly until the placed block breaks (TODO: allow continuous holding)
    • Allows chopping logs into planks
    • Allows chopping planks into sticks
    • Yield depends on axe harvest level
  • JEI Integration
    • Drying recipes show input, output and drying time
    • Chopping recipes show input, output, and average number of resulting items



Survivalist Mod Download Links:

For 1.8.9: Survivalist-1.4.0.jar – 81 KB

For 1.9: Survivalist-1.4.3.jar – 90 KB

For 1.10.2: Survivalist-1.10.2-1.6.4.jar – 146 KB

For 1.11.2: Survivalist-Mod-1.11.2.jar – 210 KB

Survivalist Mod for Minecarft 1.11.2/1.9
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