Super Door Operator 2000 Mod for MPCE Mods

Super Door Operator 2000 Mod for MPCE Mods

The Super Door Operator 2000 Mod is a highly technical automated doors system for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Through the use of four simple tools you can create automated trapdoors, overhead doors and much more. It’s the perfect system to have in place to implement automated functions to your creations. For instance, you can add automated garage doors to your modern house or maybe a trapdoor to your adventure map.

Automated Garage Door Example

Start by building the structure which you want to make an automated door. In our case we chose to build a garage door made out of cobblestone and stone bricks. The height of automated doors is currently limited to 3 blocks, but the width can be as long as you want.

The default block used for automated doors are the half slab blocks. To set it as another block grab a wooden axe and tap on that block with the axe. In our case, we selected cobblestone.

Grab a wooden sword and tap on the top-left corner of the garage door to set the first position. Then tap on the bottom-right corner of the garage door to set the second position.



Place a sign somewhere close to the garage door and name it “GarageDoor” or any other name. To paste the set positions tap on the sign with the wooden sword.


To raise the garage door tap on the sign with an empty slot hand and you will see how the door opens.



Tap it again to close the garage door.


Setting Another Block

One automated door can use several different blocks to open or close it. Currently we’ve only set cobblestone but we can add more. Let’s show you how to add grass blocks.

Place a sign on a grass block and name it something suitable. In our case, we named it “GrassBlock”.

Grab a wooden axe and tap on the grass block.

Take a wooden sword and set the first and second position similar to how we did it when setting the first automated cobblestone door. Then tap on the “GrassBlock” sign with the wooden sword. The automated grass block garage door is now finished.


So now you can switch whether to use the stone bricks to open/close or the grass blocks to open/close.




Important Info Upon Exiting the Game

If you intend to leave the game you must place a random sign on top of any automated door signs you have created. At least if you want the doors to maintain their state of open/close positions.

The randomly placed signs can be removed after you’ve entered the game again.


The mod adds four tools to the game which will come handy when building the automated doors.

  • Wooden sign = store data, tap on to open/close automated door
  • Wooden sword = set positions (position 1, position 2)
  • Wooden axe = set which block to use
  • Wooden pickaxe = copy and paste data

Supported Doors

  • Overhead doors, such as the one used in our examples above
  • Wooden and iron doors
  • Wooden trapdoors

Video Instructions

Super Door Operator 2000 Mod for MPCE Download Link:

Super Door Operator 2000.js – 30 KB

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