Super Chair Sitter 2000 Mod for MPCE Mods

Super Stair Sitter 2000 makes it possible to sit in Minecraft PE. Currently it’s only possible to sit on stairs but in the future it will be possible to detect a wider range of chair structures (not necessarily stairs) and sit on them too. It makes use of the same animation which is used when sitting on a minecart.

How to sit?

At this point it’s only possible to sit on stairs. Here’s an example how a chair can look like, but as mentioned, it is currently possible to sit on any type of stairs.

Tap on the stairs to sit on it. Then tap the jump button to stand up.

Super Chair Sitter 2000 Mod for MPCE Mods

In the future there will be a more complex system for detecting chairs. Such as only being able to sit on objects which have signs on the left and right side of the object as signs are normally used as armrests.

List of Sittable Blocks

  • Oak Wood Stairs (53)
  • Cobblestone Stairs (67)
  • Brick Stairs (108)
  • Stone Brick Stairs (109)
  • Nether Brick Stairs (114)
  • Sandstone Stairs (128)
  • Spruce Wood Stairs (134)
  • Birch Wood Stairs (135)
  • Jungle Wood Stairs (136)
  • Quartz Stairs (156)
  • Acacia Wood Stairs (163)
  • Dark Oak Wood Stairs (164)

Super Chair Sitter 2000 Mod for MPCE Download Link:

Super Chair Sitter 2000.js – 4 KB

Super Chair Sitter 2000 Mod for MPCE Mods
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