Star Trek Map for MPCE Maps

Star Trek is one of the most popular science fiction franchise featured on TV. It’s set on the USS Enterprise which is an enormous spaceship representing the United Federation of Planets which are on a mission to explore worlds where no man has set his foot before in search for alien life and active civilizations. In the series we follow a set of characters including such ones as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

A couple of images which we captured while testing the map. The images feature most areas of the creation.

How to install Star Trek Map for MPCE:

  • 1. Download the map of your choice in Internet Browser on Android.
  • 2. Go to MyFiles or Astro from Android Market: ASTRO File Manager
  • 3. Then go to in the app /mnt/sdcard/downloads.
  • 4. Extract the map if you have to and place it in /mnt/sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

Star Trek Map for MPCE Download Link: – 2.3 MB

Star Trek Map for MPCE Maps
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