Simplistic Paradise Resource Pack

Simplistic Paradise is a Cartoon/Simplistic Resource Pack, for Minecraft 1.7.2-1.9. Within the pack you can find very simple but detailed textures. Simplistic Paradise gives a warmer and enhanced play style to minecraft. The textures are easily recognizable compared to other complex resource packs. Every block has been re-textured besides from a few flowers. Along with being a simple resourcepack the download is relatively smaller.


How to install Simplistic Paradise Resource Pack:

1. Download .zip/.rar file.
2. Open Resource Pack Folder in Minecraft
3. Drag and Drop Resource Pack
4. Hit “Done”
5. Go back into Resource Packs Menu
6. Select Simplistic Paradise
7. Complete!

Simplistic Paradise Resource Pack Download link:

Simplistic Paradise1.9.rar – 8.9 MB

Simplistic Paradise Resource Pack
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