Shiranox’s Candyland Resource Pack


This pack is WIP. A smooth, candy-themed texture pack

Biomes & saplings/flowers

Normal world: The ground is made of cake and you can find a lot of different candy flowers and trees. The water is really clear. The desert is made of white melted chocolate and the cactuses are pirouettes! You can also find a rainbow biome (jungle)
The Nether: Made of dark chocolate, and the lava is now hot chocolate. Soulsand is whipped cream! Nether fortress still in progress, need some ideas
The End: ???

Oak: Candy cane
Birch: Green candy cane
Spruce: Chocolate
Acacia: Just some pink wood
Dark oak: Gingerbread

Blue orchid: Blueberry cupcake
Dandelion: Lemon lollipop
Houstonia: Peppermint
Daisy: Marshmallow
Rose: Gummy heart
Orange tulip: Gummy peach
Pink tulip: Strawberry cupcake
Red tulip: Watermelon popsicle
White tulip: Cake pops

Tall flowers
Fern: Cotton candy
Grass: Some candy cane thingy
Paeonia: Rainbow lollipop
Rose: Ice cream


Creepers: Popping Candy
Cow/Moshrooms: Just some colourful cows, drops foiled candy
Rabbits: Easter bunnies! Both chocolate and colorful ones (In progress), drops chocolate eggs
Horses: Light colours (except the black one) with cute markings (In progress)
Bats: Red and black gummy bats
Cats: In progress, one is a rainbow cat fitting the rainbow biome
Any ender mob: ???
Ghasts: Huge happy marshmallow! Will turn into a burned, angry one when shooting at you
Pigs: Bubblegum pigs
Chickens: ??? (yellow at the moment)
Sheeps: Cotton candy
Skeletons: Raspberry & Liquorice skeletions, drops skulls
Slimes: ???
Spiders: Gummy spiders
Villagers: Still villagers, but with different fruity themes like blueberry, raspberry and strawberry! (In progress)
Wolves: ??? (planning to make them ice cream themed)
Slimes: ???
Blaze: ???
Snowmen: ???
Silverfish: ???
Squid: ???
Zombie pigman: ???
Witch: ???



How to install:

  • Download the resource pack.
  • Open Minecraft, and go to Options->Resource Packs->Open Resource Packs Folder.
  • Drag the zip file you downloaded into that folder.
  • Select the pack, and you’re done!

Download link: – 4.8 MB

Shiranox’s Candyland Resource Pack
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