Seven Map for MPCE Maps

Seven Parkour is a quite self-explanatory name of a map. Basically it’s a map with seven different levels. It’s always difficult to explain the difficulty of such a map as it’s all dependent on your own skills. But from our experience we would grade this map easy-medium. Some passages are more difficult than others and there are multiple checkpoints throughout the entire map.

How to install Seven Map for MPCE:

  • 1. Download the map of your choice in Internet Browser on Android.
  • 2. Go to MyFiles or Astro from Android Market: ASTRO File Manager
  • 3. Then go to in the app /mnt/sdcard/downloads.
  • 4. Extract the map if you have to and place it in /mnt/sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

Seven Map for MPCE Download Link:

Seven – 323 KB

Seven Map for MPCE Maps
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