Risugami ModLoader for Minecraft

Risugami ModLoader

Risugami ModLoader 1.8.8 is basically a root modification manager for Minecraft that allows you to easily install mods by putting their files into the Jar file. ModLoader stops conflicts between the mods that modify the gameplay aspects and object IDs. Developers can decompile this mod to make their mod compatible with latest version of Minecraft. The current Risugami ModLoader is for Minecraft 1.8.6.

Guide, How to Install Risugami ModLoader:

Windows [For Minecraft 1.5.2 and below]

  • Open WinKey+R (it will open Run), type %appdata%/.minecraft/bin and hit enter.
  • Open up Minecraft.jar with 7zip/WinRAR
  • Drag and Drop Risugami ModLoader files in to .jar file.
  • Remove the META-INF directory too.
  • Close everything and Run Minecraft

Windows [For Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.6.x]

  1. Run the Minecraft latest launcher and download v1.6.4
  2. Open Start Menu and type %appdata%/.minecraft/versions and press Enter.
  3. Copy/Duplicate the directory named 1.6.4 and paste as 1.6.4ML (you may name however you please, but everything must match) so there are now two copies.
  4. Enter new/duplicated directory and also rename the Jar and Json files, make sure they match directory name. (For e.g. 1.6.4ML.jar – 1.6.4ML.json)
  5. Open the json file in your preferred text editor program and change the following:
"id": "1.6.4"


"id": "1.6.4ML"
  • Now download modloader zip file from the link below and open it.
  • Open 1.6.4ML.jar file using WinRAR and drag and drop modloader zip file contents into the jar.
  • Start Minecraft launcher, create a new profile that uses your duplicated jar file (1.6.4ML.jar) so you can utilize modloader functions.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Please be aware that Risugami has not updated ModLoader after v1.6.2
  • Keep a backup of your Minecraft Installation and world saves just in case.
  • ModLoader is incompatible with Minecraft Forge
  • If any problems, post a comment below.

Download Risugami ModLoader:

Official Link: Risugami ModLoader.zip – 179 KB (Latest)

Old versions: ModLoader.zip (archive)

Source: Minecraftforum

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