Rewind Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Rewind Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

We’ve all experienced times when we wished we could go back in time, even just 1-2 minutes so we could change how we acted in certain situations. In Minecraft this is now possible as the Rewind Mod lets you rewind your actions up to two minutes back in time.

Item ID & Crafting Recipe

  • Rewind Button (475) – 4 redstones + 1 clock

How does it work?

It will only retrace you to your previous position, it will not erase actions such as placed or destroyed blocks. To rewind the time you need to craft the Rewind Button and then tap on the ground with the item to activate it.

You can stop the rewind at any time by tapping on the ground with the Rewind Button.

Images don’t really help in describing this mod so check out the video down below to understand better how it works.

Rewind Mod for Minecraft PE Download Link: – 787 B

Rewind Mod for Minecraft PE Mods
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