Redstone Puzzle Map for MPCE Maps


The Redstone Puzzle Map was released by the Mojang team to showcase all the new redstone features (comparators, repeaters, dispensers and droppers) which are available in the new 0.14 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The objective in the map is to complete four puzzle areas, save some villagers and then help get them to the Cake Village.


Another village has burnt down. What’s the cause of all this? It must be The Nether leaking. No dead bodies can be seen, that’s weird.. but it must mean they are safe somewhere. I must go find them.


  • Complete all four puzzle areas to reach the Cake Village
  • Don’t place/break blocks unless told so
  • Set difficulty to peaceful


Watch Tommaso Checchi, Daniel Wustenhoff, Shoghi Cervantes and Jason Major (some developers of Minecraft PE) play the map!

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How to install Redstone Puzzle Map for MPCE:

  • 1. Download the map of your choice in Internet Browser on Android.
  • 2. Go to MyFiles or Astro from Android Market: ASTRO File Manager
  • 3. Then go to in the app /mnt/sdcard/downloads.
  • 4. Extract the map if you have to and place it in /mnt/sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

Redstone Puzzle Map for MPCE Download Link: – 110.8 MB

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