PocketInvEditor: Inventory Editor for Android


PocketInvEditor is an easy to use editor for Android which you can use to give yourself new blocks, change the time of day and many more cool things.


  • Edit all item slots (type id, damage value & amount)
  • Load and save Pocket Edition level.dat files
  • Display player location
  • Entities list (count the mobs)
  • Browse a list of item ID’s
  • One-click backups of levels stored in a zip file (games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds_backup/[name of the world])
  • Display player’s position and warp the player there
  • Change the world time and spawn location
  • Edit game mode
  • Add more empty slots
  • Copy the seed to the clipboard you are in by tapping a button
  • Loadouts


Video review by Maces006:

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