Naturus [Realistic] Resource Pack



Naturus is a pack aimed at enhancing vanilla minecraft’s natural elements, such as leaves, grass lighting, and sound. It contains many custom textures, models, and even lightmaps to make your minecraft look the best it can while also keeping the vanilla feel.

How to install Naturus Resource Pack:

To get the most out of Naturus, you must abide by the following settings:

  • Use Optifine or Mcpatcher
  • Have Smooth lighting on at least “minimum”
  • Have Brightness set to “moody” (quality) -> (custom sky: on)
  • Custom colors must be on (video settings) -> (quality) -> (custom colors: on)

For (WIP) download:

  • Graphics must be set to “fancy”

Naturus Resource Pack Download links:

Naturus: – 22.9 MB

Naturus Lite: – 13.7 MB

Naturus [Realistic] Resource Pack
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