Mob Commanders Mod for MPCE Mods

The Mob Commanders Mod adds some extra difficulty to the game while killing monsters. For almost every existing mob a commander has been added. Basically it’s a stronger version of its original mob type which will automatically spawn after you’ve killed a certain amount of mobs.

How do mob commanders spawn?

There are seven mob commanders and four of them are hostile and three of them are friendly. All hostile mob commanders will attack animals.

To make a hostile mob commander spawn you have to kill 20 mobs of the type of mob it belongs to. For example, let’s say you want the Spider Queen to spawn. Then you would need to kill 20 spiders for it to spawn.

Almost the same thing are required to make friendly mob commanders spawn. The only difference is that you only need to kill 5 mobs of the type it belongs to.

What different mob commanders are there?

The Spider Queen (hostile) is much faster compared to normal spiders. It will do a knockback smash attack when attacking its target.

The Creeper Lord (hostile) will run towards you and explode but the explosion will be much greater than if it was a normal creeper.

The Skeleton King (hostile) shoots fire arrows and when it dies it will spawn 10 skeleton minions.

The Zombie Warlord (hostile) is incredible fast and when attacking its targets it will knock them back and poison them.

The Iron Golem Overlord is a friendly creature. But if you decide to attack it the golem will run after you and beat you to death. It is incredibly fast and strong, so watch out!

The Snow Golem Commando is also a friendly creature. Maybe even a bit too friendly. It won’t even defend itself if you attack it. The only difference it has from an ordinary snow golem is that it walks a little bit faster.

The Pigmen Leader runs super fast and is very strong. It’s a friendly creature as long you don’t attack it. If it’s attacked it will run after its target, set it on fire and knock it back.

Install Guide

  1. Download the mod and textures .zip file.
  2. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager) to extract the .zip file.
  3. Install the textures ( using BlockLauncher.
  4. Import the ModPE script using BlockLauncher.
  5. Restart BlockLauncher and enjoy the mod!

Mob Commanders Mod for Minecraft PE Download Link:

Mob Commander Mod.js – 24 KB

Mob Commanders Mod for MPCE Mods
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