Kab’s Resource Pack Showcase

Kab's Resource Pack Showcase

The Showcase is an excellent way to verify your minecraft resource pack. It has a section for verify your textures look good together and have minimal tiling, a section of a small town to verify your textures look good in builds, a section showing all art works, and a section to create an all blocks screenshot. I have added an Item Gallery using item frames.  Because they cause lag I have isolated them far from the main showcase area. Kabanos has worked hard to make this map as useful as possible.

This is not an RP.  This is the map that helps you develop your RP.  This is the map people use to take these all block shots 🙂

Licence / Permissions (legalistic crap):

  • The map is free to use and modify, and if you love your modification, you can post it here and I may adopt it.

Kab’s Resource Pack Showcase Download Links:

For 1.7: Kabs Resource Pack Showcase 1.7 v5.zip – 101.6 MB

For 1.8: Kab_s_Resource_Pack_Showcase_1.8_v7.zip – 101.8 MB

For 1.9: Kabs Resource Pack Showcase 1.9_v2.zip – 102.1 MB

Kab’s Resource Pack Showcase
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