Jalele Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.8

Jalele Resource Pack

I’ve tried to keep certain amount of resemblance to the default Minecraft pack, avoiding confusion when changing between textures and a radical breach between what a builder player would design according to what he sees and what other players with the default will see.

Regarding the mobs, in most cases I have barely modified the default design, because I think it’s OK and part of the image of Minecraft.

Partial texture support (only for textures that are integrated into default blocks like ores) for these MODs:
– Biomes O’plenty
– Nether Ores
– Simple Ores
– Thaumcraft
– Fossil

All the textures here have been drawn by me.

This pack uses conected textures for some blocks, that can work with McPatcher or Optifine (I use only Optifine).
Since 1.8 also uses random textures for some blocks, but still are better the Optifine features.

Jalele Resource Pack

Jalele Resource Pack

Installation instructions:

1. If you want to use the “connected textures” features you need a Minecraft version patched with “McPatcher” or with “Optifine”, but it’s optional.

2. Move this zip file (no need to unzip it) into your Minecraft resourcepacks folder.
To reach that folder you have two ways:
A. On “Windows Start”/ “Run (or search)” put this:
B. On Minecraft, go to “Options”/ “Resource Packs” / “Open Resource Packs folder”.

3. On Minecraft, go to “Options” / “Resource Packs” and click over the pack’s icon to move it from the left column to the right.

Replacing textures instructions:

I’ve added a folder called “Old_textures” with some  textures that I put aside, but maybe someone wants to use instead.
1. Go to your Minecraft resourcepacks folder and, if you haven’t unzipped the zip file yet, create a new folder called -for example- “JalelePack” and unzip the ZIP file of the Pack inside it.

2. Once inside, you’ll find two subfolders: “assets” and “old_textures”
Go inside “old_textures” and again inside the cobblestone folder, supposing that’s what you want to replace. You’ll find a new “assets” folder. Select it and COPY it (CTRL+C)

3. Go back to the main Jalele folder and do PASTE (CTRL+V) in the same place the first assets folder. You’ll be asked to combine and overwrite the folders and files, mark yes to everything. Only the cobble files will be replaced, and that’s all.

Jalele Resource Pack Download Link:

Jalele32x_v18f2.zip – 4.6 MB

Jalele Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8/1.8
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