ipodzgaming: Village Island Seed

In this seed you will be able to get to an island which is habited by villagers. There are many farms and houses which you can use for you own but there is also a great chest waiting for you in the blacksmith.

The spawn is on a small island with very little of interest (besides the mineshaft that’s underneath spawn if you dig straight down). To get to the actual village island you will need to do some swimming, but it’s fairly easy to get there. Just look at the images we have provided further down.

Look in the direction as seen in the image below and swim/fly in the direction as marked with the red arrow.

Village Island Seed

When you reach a second island, mostly covered with sand, you should be able to see the village island on your left if you have max render distance on.

Village Island Seed

Village Island Seed

The village got one blacksmith with some really good loot to pick up.

  • 2 iron ingots
  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 1 emerald
  • 1 bread

Village Island Seed: ipodzgaming

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