Hidden Memory Map

Hidden Memory Map

Hidden Memory is a map combining a mysterious story with parkour and puzzle challenges. There are several short levels all consisting of different looking challenges but for the most part ones related to parkour. To find out who you are and why you got to the place where you are at you must get to the finish.


  • Play on peaceful
  • 1-2 players
  • Don’t break/place blocks unless told so
  • Read the story before beginning (can also be found in-game)


You wake up in a room which you can’t seem to recognize. Every time you try to remember how you got there your memory is blank. It is as if somebody wiped your memory. Even though you are confused you are determined to find out how you got to the place where you are at. You start look around..

Hidden Memory Map

How to install Hidden Memory Map:

  • 1. Download the map of your choice in Internet Browser on Android.
  • 2. Go to MyFiles or Astro from Android Market: ASTRO File Manager
  • 3. Then go to in the app /mnt/sdcard/downloads.
  • 4. Extract the map if you have to and place it in /mnt/sdcard/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds

Hidden Memory Map Download Link:

Hidden Memory Map.zip – 180 KB

Hidden Memory Map
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