Elemental Demon Pets for Minecraft PE Mods

Elemental Demon Pets for Minecraft PE Mods

Tired of traveling and exploring alone? Well, now there is a solution for you. The Elemental Demon Pets mod introduces four new pets to the game which you can take with you on your adventures in Minecraft. Each of the new pets got a unique ability. For example, one of them can attack your enemies with explosions and another pet can help you switch between day and night.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Name Tag (421) – 2 strings + 1 sign
  • Demon Light Pet (333) – 8 sunflowers + 1 diamond
  • Demon Leaft Pet (326) – 8 oak leaves + 1 diamond
  • Demon Air Pet (327) – 8 glass blocks + 1 diamond
  • Demon TNT Pet (335) – 8 TNT blocks + 1 diamond

Elemental Demon Pets

Four different pets are available in total and each of them can do several different things for you, including giving you assistance when trying to kill mobs.

Each of the pets can be named by using a Name Tag item on them. You can also make them wear colored clothes by tapping with green colored dye on them (confirmed for Demon Light Pet and Demon Air Pet).

Demon Light Pet

Tap on the pet with your hand to switch between night and day. The pet is passive, meaning it won’t be to any help when you attack mobs.

The little demon can wear dyed green clothes. To make it wear such clothes simply tap on it with some green cactus dye.



Demon Leaft Pet

If you hold some cactus green dye in your hand and then attack a mob the demon will chase after the mob and push it around. So far we haven’t figured out if it does any actual damage other than the pushing.



Demon Air Pet

With the Demon Air Pet in your presence you will gain extra speed when walking.

Demon TNT Pet

This pet is probably the most powerful one as it will cause your enemies to explode. Just attack a mob and it will follow through with the act for you.



Elemental Demon Pets for Minecraft PE Download Link:

Elements Demon Pets ModPE.zip – 76 KB

Elemental Demon Pets for Minecraft PE Mods
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