DIGLETT’S MINE – The Pokemon Resource Pack

DIGLETT'S MINE - The Pokemon Resource Pack

Recently Updated:
-Added new Item frame texture
-Added some more wool textures
-Updated bottle o enriching to look like Rare Candy
-Updated title image to be more HD and nice


Bat = Zubat – done
Chicken = farfetch’d – done – drops ‘stick’ leek
Cow – miltank = done – drops moomoo milk and silk scarf
Mooshroom = parasect – done
Pig = piloswine – done – drops never melt ice, which can be put in the furnace to make fresh water ( forget about what it’s called, it melts in an oven )
Rabbit = buneary – done – drops white fluff (rabbit hide) still not sure what rabbit body will be…
Sheep = mareep – done
Squid = tentacool – done
Villager = various NPCs of pokemon
Cave spider = spinarak – not done
Enderman = cofagrigus – not done
Spider = ariadose – not done
Zombie Pigman = lol dunno – tried rotom but it didn’t workout
Blaze = chandelure – not done
Creeper = sudowoodo – done – drops hard stone
Elder guardian = some watertpe, maybe carvanha
Endermite = diglett – not done
Ghast = drifblim – not done
Guardian = probably quilfish
Magma cube = dunno
Silverfish = Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple – not done
Skeleton = roserade but possibly Marowak soon…
Slime = muk – done – drops black sludge
Witch = dunno – open to suggestions
Wither skeleton = dunno a rock type ( because they weild stone swords )
Zombie = haunter – done
Zombie villager = dunno – not sure how to handle that transition… maybe like gost versions of NPCs
Donkey = Zebstrika – not done
Horse = Rapidash – not done
Ocelot = eevee – not done
Cat = Flareon, Jolteon, vaporeon – not done
Wolf = Duskull – done
Iron golem = ferothorn – done


To properly… install? to properly hook up a resource pack, In minecraft click:
‘resource packs…’
‘open resource pack folder’
drop the file into that folder and unzip it ( you might need to download a program to do that ). then click ‘done’ in minecraft then ‘resourcepacks…’ again and it should be there.
You can delete the original file once you have the unpacked file in that folder.

Download DIGLETT’S MINE – The Pokemon Resource Pack:


DIGLETT’S MINE – The Pokemon Resource Pack
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