Deadly World Mod 1.7.10

Deadly World Mod 1.7.10

What is Deadly World Mod?

Ever thought the world was just a little too nice to you? Have you ever wished mining was more dangerous and exciting and dangerous? Look no further!

This mod adds a few world generation features that make living more difficult! These features include mines, silverfish veins, lava pockets, and things that shoot arrows everywhere, all using blocks and features included in vanilla Minecraft!

The frequency of features and mobs in mob spawners (as well as nearly everything else) can be adjusted in a super-duper properties file! The properties file is generated in your .minecraft/config directory.

What does this mod do?

Simply, it adds a number of small features that generate in the world to spice up your underground life!

In caves, the mod scatters around mob spawners, traps, and even some loot for an exciting adventure.
For those who want to mine through solid rock, there are plenty of hazards to keep you on your toes, with the fear of lava spilling in or hitting a hive of silverfish.
Some features even give a nice aesthetic to your caves! A little bit of water dripping from the ceiling subtly adds a bit of realism, and the occasional sand deposit breaks up the monotony of gray on gray.
Each feature can be independently configured and disabled, so you only have to use the ones you want, how you want!

This mod does not add any new blocks, items, entities, or really anything into the game. Therefore, it is able to run from the server side, and connecting clients only need Forge.
In addition, structures generated by this mod are only subject to changes in vanilla Minecraft, meaning they will always retain full functionality, even if Deadly World is uninstalled or otherwise disabled.
More importantly, that means updates will never break your worlds, unless Mojang breaks their own game.

As a bit of a safety precaution, Deadly World disables itself when you load up a world that was not created with the mod installed. However, be careful with external editors. If you set the world’s time to 0, Deadly World will assume the world was just created the next time you load the world.
The auto-disable feature can, of course, be disabled.

The chests in Deadly World use unique loot lists. You’re free to customize them all you like using the Custom Chest Loot mod below! The loot list names are pretty straight-forward, but if you need any clarification, don’t hesitate to ask!

While this mod does not need to be installed client-side, it does provide you the option to further hide silverfish blocks and trapped chests by overriding their names with a configurable one. This way, if you are using a block tooltip mod, it won’t be as easy to spot trap blocks. In addition, the break speed of silverfish blocks is modified to be the same as the break speed of the blocks they are imitating by default. The break speed modification can be disabled or even change silverfish blocks to instantly break!


This mod currently adds 15 new world features, broken up into several categories.


  • Mob spawners
  • Swarm mob spawners
  • Brutal mob spawners

Small Structures:

  • Silverfish nests
  • Towers
  • Chests


  • Mob spawner traps
  • Landmines
  • Potion traps
  • Fire traps


  • Sand veins
  • Water veins
  • Lava veins
  • Silverfish veins


  • Bosses


Mob spawners in this mod behave much like those found in vanilla dungeons. However, there are a few key differences.

Cave spiders can be found in any spawners and there are now creeper spawners.
Creeper spawners have a chance to spawn charged creepers (default: 2%)! Tip: if the little spinning creeper is glowing, that means the next batch of creepers will be charged.

There is a special spawner type available for most spawners in this mod called “random” – random spawners change the mob they spawn each time they spawn mobs, based on the weights in the config file. Like charged creepers, you are able to tell what it is going to spawn next by looking at the little spinning mob.

In addition to the new features, all of these spawners have configurable spawn speed, spawn amount, and activation range!

Mob Spawners What can I say? Mob spawners are mob spawners. These generate pretty much wherever they want in caves. Spawners also have a chance to be armored (covered in obsidian) or have a chest. Occasionally, an “armored spawner” will really be a trick spawner – a harmless chest covered in obsidian, but how can you tell the difference? Better play it safe!
Mob spawners can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62) or in dungeons (duh).

Swarm Mob Spawners This is where things get interesting. The swarm spawner is a much more dangerous variant of a normal mob spawner. Instead of generating 1-4 mobs like a boring old spawner, the swarm spawner almost always generates 8 mobs!
Swarm spawners have half the player detection radius of a normal spawner, but a slightly larger spawn area, so you’ll hopefully see it in time to avoid it. In addition, swarm spawners do not have the option of being “random” spawners.
If you succeed in defeating this spawner, you are free to plunder its loot! Swarm spawners always have chests beneath them, often containing rare and exotic loot such as spawn eggs or experience.
Swarm spawners can be found in caves anywhere below layer 50 or in dungeons.

Brutal Mob Spawners The name says it all. Brutal mob spawners are exactly like normal spawners, except for the fact that they spawn mobs with powerful potion effects! By default, brutal mobs have 80% damage reduction, deal +130% damage, move 30% faster, slowly regenerate health, and are completely immune to fire and drowning.
The combination of these effects gives brutal mobs a light lavender particle effect. How cute!
Assuming the brutal mobs don’t tear you apart, you get to loot the chest below! Brutal spawners always have chests beneath them, often containing rare and exotic loot such as mob skulls or experience.
Brutal spawners can be found in caves anywhere below layer 50 or in dungeons.

Small Structures:
These are small features that generate freely in caves, much like mob spawners, but don’t quite fit in to the category.
This mod does not generate any new large structures, but the definition of “large” here is anything that can be walked in, such as a vanilla dungeon. That said, these are pretty small and don’t get anywhere close to dungeon size. Some even generate as parts of dungeons!

Silverfish Nests Assuming silverfish are the essence of evil, silverfish nests are the root of all evil. These structures generate in caves and are effectively just silverfish spawners surrounded by silverfish blocks. Silverfish nest spawners spawn twice as fast as normal spawners, but only spawn if you are within five blocks.
Like mob spawners above, the spawn speed, spawn count, and spawn range are configurable.
Sometimes, the silverfish in nests tend to be a bit more aggressive than normal. These silverfish are quite a bit stronger and will continuously call for other silverfish to attack you, even if you don’t attack them! Nests have a 20% chance to be aggressive by default.
As everyone knows, silverfish gather all sorts of things and bring them into their nest. Usually, you can find at least something useful inside the nest.
Watch out for nearby silverfish veins if you choose to take on a nest!
Silverfish nests can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Towers Towers are two (or more, if generated over a lake) blocks tall, and shoot arrows in random directions. Technically, they’re just arrow spawners on blocks.
Since towers are completely incapable of aiming, they rely on sheer volume to do the talking. Each tower will fire an arrow every 0.2 to 0.4 seconds. If one of those arrows actually hits you, you’ll take seven damage (3.5 hearts). Without armor, a tower will kill you in three hits! The arrow damage is configurable, however – mostly to allow you to boost the damage, but you can also scale the damage all the way down to 2, if you’re a weenie.
There are several tower types, each with a fire arrow version. Usually, the block under the arrow spawner will be cobblestone, with a chance to be mossy cobblestone (75%, same as a dungeon floor). However, sometimes there may be a rogue mob spawner, another arrow spawner, or even a chest under the arrow spawner! The chest generally contains common loot such as arrows or arrow materials.
Towers can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Chests Chests will generate randomly in caves, filled with all sorts of loot. Generally, the deeper a chest is, the more and better loot it can contain (the “best” loot is between layers 20 and 28, just above lava level).
Don’t worry – chests won’t just hand over their goodies! If you thought chests should try to kill you too, you probably won’t be disappointed, but I’ll leave it at that. Good luck!
Chests can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Traps, otherwise known as spawners in the floor, are little things to punish you for not paying attention to where you’re going.
In general, they’re pretty easy to spot. Some can be disarmed, some can be snuck past, and others should just downright be avoided.
All traps have a fairly high chance to be “hidden” under a stone pressure plate or light gray carpet. While these cover blocks don’t physically do anything, they help the spawner blend in with the floor a bit better. That said, they won’t all have a cover block on top, so you can’t rely solely on looking for them.
Watch your step!

Landmines Technically, landmines are just mob spawners. However, they have a little surprise waiting for you if you get close! Instead of normal mobs, landmines spawn live TNT!
These traps inevitably destroy themselves, but can easily kill or badly injure unwary travelers in the process. If you are careful and notice them, however, you may be able to destroy them without setting them off.
Landmines can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Mob Spawner Traps These traps pop a mob out of them as soon as you get close! A mob spawner trap can be any of the same types that a normal mob spawner can be, and can even have a chest beneath it.
Oh, did you think it spawns normal mobs? I’m sorry, what I meant to say was that it spawns mobs just like other spawners, but with TNT on their heads and a swiftness II buff. You have 6.4 seconds before it blows, good luck!
Just like landmines, you can destroy them without setting them off – but only if you’re very careful.
The chest generally contains curious devices and redstone circuits.
Mob spawner traps can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Potion Traps Potion traps are a lot like landmines, except they shoot splash potions instead of TNT.
There are three very evil flavors: harm, poison, and a particularly nasty one called daze. Harm and poison are pretty simple, they are just splash potions of harm and poison, respectively. Daze is a little different – instead of damaging you, it’ll cover you with all sorts of nasty effects, reducing your ability to do… anything.
Note that, while these potions may be harmful to you, they often do not affect monsters – sometimes even benefit them!
If you’re tricky, you can get past one of these unscathed, of course.
Potion traps can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Fire Traps Nope. Get away.
Fire traps can be found in caves anywhere below sea level (layer 62).

Just like vanilla’s dirt, gravel, and ore generation, this mod adds material veins.
However, you’ll find that Deadly World veins aren’t so pleasant as most those in vanilla.

All of these veins have configurable size, placement count, and height restrictions, so you can tailor them to your personal preferences.

Sand Veins Ever hit a gravel vein and thought, “Gee, I really love gravity!” No? Well, good, then you’ll hate this feature! Sand veins are pretty much what they claim to be – sand in the ground. These are made quite a bit larger and rarer than vanilla gravel, and limited in height so they don’t make big yellow blobs on your mountainsides (by default).
Unlike gravel, however, sand veins are generated after ore generation and don’t replace anything but stone. That means precious ore could be enveloped entirely inside of a blob of sand! You may want to dig it out to make sure you don’t miss anything important. Plus, it’s a good source of sand without having to wreck a sandy biome.
A (sometimes) nice side effect of sand generation is sand in caves! Sand breaks the boring gray stone, gray gravel, brown dirt combo to the best of its ability. Also, since it generates in such large veins, it can drastically change the terrain of a cave by generating somewhere it will fall; it may block off a cave or reveal new caves!
By default, sand veins can be found anywhere below sea level (layer 62), and are rarer than diamond. That said, sand veins are the largest in the game (about seven times larger than diamond veins) and tend to make their presence known.

Water Veins Water veins, or pockets, are just like any ore vein, except you won’t see them on the walls of caves. Water veins will always be entirely hidden, just waiting for you to mine one of the retaining blocks to unleash a flood and break all your torches!
As a side effect of water veins generating in cave ceilings, caves occasionally have dripping water from their ceilings! In my opinion, it adds a very nice touch and makes the cave feel a bit more… cavey.
By default, water veins can be found anywhere below sea level (layer 62), and are about twice as common as gold.

Lava Veins The lava vein is very much like its cousin, the water vein. It won’t be seen in the walls or floors of caves and is the same size and appears with roughly the same density (by default). However, mining into a lava pocket poses a threat to more than just your torches!
Lava, as everyone knows, is not safe to touch. Better bring a water bucket in case you come across one of these!
As a side effect of lava veins generating in cave ceilings, caves will occasionally have a little lava drip effect in them. Neat! Not as cool as the water drip, though.
By default, lava veins can be found anywhere below gold level (layer 32), and are twice as common as gold.

Silverfish Veins Something seems a little fishy about these.
Silverfish veins are simply veins of silverfish blocks, which look exactly like stone. Think of it as “experience ore”, only unlike actual experience ore, you can’t tell where it is, and it comes to life to try and kill you!
By default, silverfish veins can be found anywhere below coal level (layer 128), and are half as common as coal veins, but about 50% larger (halfway between coal and dirt in size).

You may be thinking, “Entities? What are they doing in a world gen mod? Don’t you mean entity spawners?”
Nope, these entities are just another part of the world gen. They are only spawned as the world is being created and will never despawn. In a sense, they are no different than a block of dirt or a chest in a dungeon – when these entities die, you will need to explore new land in order to find more.

Currently, there is only one entity added by Deadly World, and it is fairly rare. There is a very good reason for this: these entities count toward the entity cap! Be careful not to make these too common, or normal mobs won’t spawn or will spawn at a reduced rate.
With the default settings, there should be no noticable decrease in mob spawn rates, but you could push them a little before it becomes noticable. Spawn control mods may let you raise the entity cap so that you can increase the rates of these features, just be careful; as soon as you remove the spawn control mod, your spawn rates will plummet (depending on how common you made these).

Bosses Bosses are basically just epic mobs. Bosses have randomly generated names and are much stronger than normal mobs, having four times as much health by default and natural health regeneration.
In addition, they have a higher chance to be equipped with weapons and armor and will always have one, unique piece of equipment named after themselves (as shown above). Bosses always drop their unique equipment, which is usually very well-enchanted with effects that can only be gotten through an anvil (sometimes resulting in combinations only available in creative mode).
There are quite a few options for customizing your bosses in the config file.
Bosses can be found in caves anywhere below layer 42.

Deadly World overrides vanilla dungeon generation. While it doesn’t make any major changes to dungeons, it does try to make them a little less friendly.
In addition, the mod allows you to configure how many dungeon placement attempts are made per chunk.

Any cobblestone in a dungeon has a chance (default: 20%) to be infested with silverfish. This chance is, like nearly everything else, configurable.
Dungeons now have configurable mob spawners, just like the “rogue” spawners added by the mod. Dungeon spawners have one extra option, however; they may also have silverfish spawners. Dungeon spawners have their own weights and armor chance in the config file.

Sometimes, instead of a spawner dungeon, you may find a tower dungeon. Towers may not be very active at hunting you down and killing you, but they also can’t be disabled by torches. Just like towers found in caves, dungeon towers can generate in several different flavors (they even use the same config chances). That means a tower dungeon could still have a mob spawner or even a little extra loot!

Even scarier, your normal spawner dungeon could be upgraded to have a brutal or swarm spawner. In that case, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the dungeon not only has its usual chests, but a brutal or swarm spawner chest. If you can get to them, that is!

Semi-Removed Features:
When I decide to drop a working feature, it will only be semi-removed. That is, the feature will no longer be developed and its default rate will be set to 0, so it won’t even be loaded into the game or affect you at all unless you manually enable it.
Usually, I will attempt to rework the feature into something that works better in the game. However, if you don’t like the change for whatever reason, you’re always free to disable the new feature in favor of the old (or keep both!).
Eventually, semi-removed features could become entirely removed, if updating them becomes a hassle. Of course, feature removal won’t have any effect on pre-existing structures.

This mod currently has 1 semi-removed world feature.
* Spawner veins

Spawner Veins
(replaced by: Spawner Traps) These are just like your normal cave spawners, only they generate in solid rock. Spawner veins have a wider spawn range, but a shorter activation distance, so they will spawn mobs in nearby open spaces.
Spawner veins do not have the option to be trick spawners, but still may generate armor and/or a chest.
The same types of spawners are available as for cave spawners, but vein spawners have separately configurable spawner type weights.

Mod Showcase:

How to install Deadly World Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Deadly World Mod Download Links:

For 1.6.4/1.6.2: – 91 KB

For 1.7.10: Deadly-World-Mod-1.7.10.jar – 94 KB

Deadly World Mod 1.7.10
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