Cube Elemental PE Mod

Cube Elemental PE Mod

The Cube Elemental Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition adds five cube shaped elemental mobs to the game. All of the new mobs spawn randomly in the world. They are hostile mobs which will drop shards when killed. The shards can then be used to craft five powerful swords.

At the first glimpse they look quite cute, but don’t be fooled, they are really dangerous!

Getting Started

The Cube Elementals (mobs) do spawn randomly in the world. Below we’ve listed in which biome you will find each Cube Elemental and also the item IDs if you prefer to use a spawn egg to spawn them. Remember to set difficulty to max, otherwise they won’t spawn!

  • Poison Puff (ID: 604) – Plains
  • Confusion Puff (ID: 603) – Forest, Forest Hills, Taiga, Taiga Hills
  • Gravity Puff (ID: 601) – Desert
  • Demon Puff (ID: 600) – Any biome
  • Ice Puff (ID: 602) – Snow

Elemental Swords

If you kill an Elemental Cube it will drop a shard. The shards can be used to craft the elemental swords. If you attack an enemy with an elemental sword and the victim got less than 10 health the weapon will apply a potion effect on the them.

  • Shadow Sword (poison effect) (ID: 610) – 8 demon shards + 1 iron sword
  • Poison Sword (poison effect) (ID: 611) – 8 poison shards + 1 iron sword
  • Ice Sword (slow movement effect) (ID: 612) – 8 ice shards + 1 iron sword
  • Gravity Sword (jump effect) (ID: 613) – 8 gravity shards + 1 iron sword
  • Confusion Sword (confusion effect) (ID: 614) – 8 confusion shards + 1 iron sword

Cube Elemental PE Mod Download Link:

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Cube Elemental PE Mod
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