Crackshot Guns Resource Pack


Crackshot Guns Resource Pack 1.9.3/1.8.9 retextures many items such as the hoes and such, so that your gameplay on the FusionCraft server will be enhanced.
With this texturepack almost all the features of Crackshot are included such as c4’s, snipers, machineguns, rpgs, and other miscellaneous things.
IP to fusioncraft: Fusion.Mine.Bz
We hope that you will enjoy this new texturepack and visit our server to use guns!



How to install Crackshot Guns Resource Pack:

  • Download the resource pack.
  • Open Minecraft, and go to Options->Resource Packs->Open Resource Packs Folder.
  • Drag the zip file you downloaded into that folder.
  • Select the pack, and you’re done!

Crackshot Guns Resource Pack Download link: – 21 KB

Crackshot Guns Resource Pack
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