Corn and Popcorn Command Block


Corn and Popcorn Command Block adds grow-able, two-block tall Corn crops and Popcorn to your Minecraft world.


  • Corn seeds will drop from breaking tall grass.
  • Plant corn by tossing on tilled soil.
  • Corn grows in three stages: Seed, Plant, and Harvest
  • Harvest corn cobs by right clicking the top of the corn cob with an empty hand.
  • Corn stalks continually produce after harvesting.
  • Corn cobs can be turned into corn seeds by tossing them onto a crafting table.
  • Corn cobs can be eaten by holding in your hand (left or right) and looking directly up. (Fills 1.5 hunger)
  • Tossing an iron block onto a cauldron turns the cauldron into a popcorn machine.
  • Popcorn machines can be completely customized (The Glass, Carpet, Side Accessory Blocks, etc.)
  • Toss corn cobs at a popcorn machine to start popping.
  • Popcorn takes a few seconds to produce and a single popcorn machine can produce more than one bag of popcorn at once.
  • Breaking the cauldron base of a popcorn machine gives back 3 iron ingots.
  • Cows eat ready-to-harvest corn cobs off of the plant.
  • Eat popcorn by holding in your hand (left or right) and looking directly up. (Fills 3 hunger)
  • Corn Cobs, Corn Seeds, and Popcorn can all be placed and picked back up. (Like blocks)

Command Block Showcase:

How to install Corn and Popcorn Command Block:

  • To add any one-command creation to your world, first give yourself a command block with /give @p minecraft:command_block.
  • Next, place it and paste the following command inside it.

Corn and Popcorn Command:

Corn-and-Popcorn-Command-Block.txt – 30 KB

Corn and Popcorn Command Block
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