Celebrate Christmas 2015 in Minecraft: Mods, Maps and Skins

Minecraft Christmas 2015

We’ve found the best minecraft christmas mods, minecraft christmas skins, minecraft christmas resource pack and minecraft christmas maps that will fuel your Minecraft world with top-quality festive cheer Christmas 2015. Just install them, turn on Spotify’s Christmas playlist, and have a happy holiday.

Best Minecraft Christmas Mods

Wintercraft Mod for Merry Christmas 2015

The Wintercraft Mod brings a wealth of new recipes to Minecraft, which is vital for this time of year since Christmas seems to frequently revolve around following recipes. Wreaths, fruit cake, tree stars, and even freezer blocks are ready to be constructed, perfect for decorating your island fortress and keeping all your turkey left-overs fresh. It also brings along some friends for the party, including Mini Snow Golem and the Gingerbread Man.

The Spirit Of Christmas 2015 Mod


The spirit of Christmas is normally something we associate with warm, fuzzy feelings of joy and love. In this Minecraft mod things are a little different; that spirit is a magical essence that can be blasted from the end of a wand. We wouldn’t normally condone trying to blow things up with the spirit of Christmas, but feel free to go for it with this mod. Also included in the mod are Christmas Tree spawners to plant those mandatory yuletide pines, and climbable tinsel ropes to drape around the place.

Best Minecraft Christmas Resource Packs

Sphax XmasBDcraft Resource Pack

For Christmas, PureBDcraft is updated with various new textures and new 3D Models. Endermen, Creepers and Skeletons get some Santa stuffs! Pumpkins, Melons, TNT, Cauldrons, Haybale and Flower Pot are turned into gifts. Doors are decorated, bricks are turned into chocolate and much more! It is available for Christmas 2015 (MC1.9) with new Musics and cool new things to play with (Snowed Cottage Roof, Decorations, Toys, Computers, Table and Chairs, Jaccuzzi and more)

HerrSommer A Christmas Carol Resource Pack

herrsommer christmas minecraft mod

The Christmas Carol resource pack brings the real atmosphere of the season to your game. Even the mobs can’t resist, with Endermen donning santa hats and coats and zombies dressing up as gingerbread men. Blocks are redecorated with some high-definition textures that suit the winter wonderland theme, and spawnable elf helpers can lend a hand in your snow-dusted Christmas village.

Zaurx Craft Christmas Resource Pack

zarux craft minecraft christmas mod

You’ll already have a lot of what Zaurx has to offer if you’ve installed the previous two texture packs, but it still has a trick up its sleeve that’s absolutely essential: it turns every chicken into  turkey. And since you can’t have christmas without turkey, Zaurx Craft is a necessity.

Best Minecraft Christmas Skins

You need to dress to impress when it comes to the Christmas party, and just because your shindig is in the virtual world of Minecraft doesn’t give you any excuse. Get kitted out in these festive threads and you’ll absolutely look the part.

Santa Minecraft Skin


Santa Creeper Minecraft Skin

Santa Creeper

Rudolph Minecraft Skin


Snowman Skin


Elf Minecraft Skin


Best Minecraft Christmas Map

Herobrine Stole Christmas Map

Herobrine has kidnapped Santa Claus and it is up to you to save him.  Challenge a Rouge Elf, Jack Frost, The Grinch, and of course, Herobrine in order to free Santa.  Collect all 3 keys and kill Herobrine. This map can be played with as many people as you like.

Christmas – An Awakening Adventure Map

A Christmas adventure map unlike any other. DoubleUpGaming brings you a magical experience this holiday with Christmas – An Awakening. The game is set in the luscious north pole hemisphere deep within Santa’s workshop and village, you your self are an elf that has been awakened from a deep cryogenic sleep, however what exactly have you awakened to?

Science Santa 2 Christmas Adventure Map

Celebrate Christmas 2015 in Minecraft: Mods, Maps and Skins
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