Caterpillar Mod for Minecarft 1.9.4/1.8.9

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A mining mod, let the caterpillar drill your mines for you. Caterpillar mod is a drill that makes 3×3 mineshafts for you. You can add or not add any part to customize your drill.




This is the drill base, its used for all parts


This is the drill head, its used to drill and has the inventory for the drill.


This collects drilled items


This add torches and supports for the mine.


This fixs lava, water, gravel, sand, and wholes?


This places rails for the mine.


This is the inventor of the drill


Mod Showcase:

How to install Caterpillar Mod :

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Caterpillar Mod Download Links:

For 1.8: Caterpillar-Mod-1.8.jar – 69 KB

For 1.8.9: Caterpillar-Mod-1.8.9.jar – 241 KB

For 1.9.4: Caterpillar-Mod-1.9.4.jar – 241 KB

Caterpillar Mod for Minecarft 1.9.4/1.8.9
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Action Now:
  • Jason Lowrey

    where do i go to report bugs for this mod

    • I think this mod as changed names. I couldn’t find the orginal scource location of where they found this mod at anywhere. This is NOT the orginal location for the mod. Just FYI.

      Try using this list in the future.. it will connect you to the orginal modders posts. so you can meet and talk with them.

  • that is the weirdest looking mod I’ve ever seen. The textures are pretty basic. I think that
    IC2 or buildcraft or even thaumcraft would suit your needs better. THough, this is a simple crafting design and a cheap miner to make. so that is a plus to it.