Bordercraft Resource Pack

Bordercraft Resource Pack

Bordercraft Resource Pack 128x HD resolution, hand-drawn, cell-shaded and with extra features for MCPatcher and Optifine. Bordercraft recreates the Borderlands game unique feeling, with high quality textures, cartoonish shadows and contrasted lighting, missing details and so much more.
This texture is made for those who want to combine the gaming possibilities of Minecraft with the extraordinary visual experience of Borderlands.

Bordercraft Resource Pack

How to install Bordercraft Resource Pack

Notice: You need Optifine or MCPatcher for this resource pack.

  • Download the resource pack.
  • Open Minecraft, and go to Options->Resource Packs->Open Resource Packs Folder.
  • Drag the zip file you downloaded into that folder.
  • Select the pack, and you’re done!

Download Bordercraft Resource Pack – 48.8 MB

Bordercraft Resource Pack
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  • Hi, I’m Matteo Rizzo, the maker of this texture pack. I frequently update it, sothe links change frequently. Provide a link to the official website, where people can get the last version. Thank you.

    • Ethan Sim

      Hey Matteo, I’m quite supportive of the fact that we need a link for the official website, but I would like to download the latest version of BorderCraft 1.7.10 for my MineCraft. Unfortunately, I can’t because the file is private. Therefore, if you could kindly allow me to download it, I would be very appreciative! 🙂

    • Hi matteo, I agree 100% with you. Have you heard of a movement called ‘stop mod reposts’ ?
      I’m a strong supporter of it. I do reviews on maps, mods and packs as well. But I always
      provide the scource link as well as the download link from the creator. so people can locate
      you easily if they need to talk.

      it saddens me that sooo many sites are doing this and pay no attention to the fact that the more they do it.. the less likely it is that people will keep visiting there websties.

  • I agree with Matteo.. I’m a strong supporter of Stoping reposts.
    doing a review is one thing. But, it would be helpful if ya’ll could provide a link back to
    the scource material for the review.